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  02/12/12   Lounge Lovers  Starring: Bella Roxxx, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Bella Roxxx makes underwater love in this sexy underwater scene! Bella Roxxx gets a pationate pounding during sex underwater  

Lounging and Loving underwater - what could be more perfect!? The Gorgeous and Adventurous Bella Roxxx returns for a glamorous underwater sex scene. A fantasy "Limbo" set is the backdrop for hot and heavy sex with great oral, passionate pounding an explosive pop shot, all accented by Bella's vocal and bubble laiden orgasms! Enjoy the Show. I know Bella and Levi did!


  01/29/11   Munching Mermaids  Starring: Avril Hall, Missy Daniels      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Avril Hall and Missy Daniels make underwater love in this sexy scuba scene! Missy Daniels eats Avril Hall's pussy underwater  

Two gorgeous, sexy vixens, Avril and Missy aren't trying to be sexy or hot, they're just at play. However, they are playing in a warm pool and get rather horny for each other. (Actually, they are ALWAYS horny for each other!) Frustrated with breath holding, they gear up with a hooka rig and seriously munch and grind each other to underwater orgasms!

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  01/15/11   Dark Eyes  Starring: Persia, Tony Rubino      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Persia is a sexy, hot underwater lover! Persia fucks doggy-style underwater  

Dark mysterious Eyes that belong to a sexually ravenous beauty named Persia! Seeing that perfect voluptious body floating underwater is much more than most of us can take. Seeing her sensuously swallowing cock and fucking underwater while seductively blowing bubbles is more than ALL of us can take! Wow,.. and those EYES!


  01/08/12   Deep Wreck BJ  Starring: Daisy Duxe, Dallas      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  On a deep ocean wreck Daisy Duxe gives Dallas Great Head! Daisy Duxe sucks dick in the deep ocean  

The ocean deep, the calm, the serenity,.. the groaning pop shot into Daisy Duxe's mouth 70ft submerged underwater! Wreck diving in the deep icean can have it's hazards, but the simple joy's of deep diving outweigh them ten fold. For example, alone with your babe, checking out the sea life, having your one-eyed-sea-monster gobbled and stroked by a delicious scuba angel. That's not a hazard, that's a happening!

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  12/25/11   I'm Missy Daniels  Starring: Missy Daniels, Dallas      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Missy Daniels is a multiple orgasm underwater sexaholic! Missy Daniels getting warmed up for sex underwater  

What's in a Name? In this case, a young, sexy, passionate underwater sex animal! That's what. Missy truely loves to make love,.. and her new favorite place is underwater. She's so good at it, she makes her man pop two loads of cum in her mouth and obtains several vocal orgasms for herself! And what a delight to watch her work!


  12/11/11   Lollipop, Lollipop..  Starring: Paige Turner, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Licking a Lollipop underwater is just the beginning for Paige Turners submerged sex fest! Paige Turner begins her underwater cock worship on Levi!  

What is so sweet you want to run your tongue all over it? Paige Turner's gorgeous, luscious body, that's what! And that's Levi's intention through his very active imagination. However, it seems Paige is only interested in her candy treat. But things soon turn for the better and we get to witness one of the most sensual UW performances we've every produced! Great breath holds & incredibly sexy cock-worship!

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  11/27/11   Smooth Lovin  Starring: Tiffany Taylor, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Tiffany Taylors loves lov'n underwater During sex underwater, Tiffany Taylor turns up the heat!  

Smooth indeed! The long and lovely Tiffany Taylor is more than just a smooth lover, she's a gorgeous new addition to the UW sex community as well! What a dream to see that perky tight ass, mile long legs and perfect taught titties floating in the water as Tiffany climaxes after Levi vibrates her to orgasm. We wanna see more of Tiffany, and Soon!!


  11/13/11   2 Pops, 1 Drop  Starring: Daisy Duxxx, Taylor, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  One scuba dive and Daisy gets two pop shots from Levi! underwater scuba 69 blow job by Daisy Duxx and photographed by Taylor  

True story: This was a quick Drop into the ocean to do buoyancy tests, check out my new lights, let Taylor play with her new camera. The water was literally hot. Levi was so excited diving with two gorgeous naked babes - he "popped" twice in a 35 minute dive! Both times of course into the vacuum talented mouth of Daisy, who apparently didn't eat before the dive!

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  10/30/11   Pleasuring My Man  Starring: Bella Reese, Dallas      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Bella Reese getting her man off underwater Bella Reese gets drilled underwater while pleasuring her man!  

Whether or not she was born for it or not,.. it's what Bella Reese does best: Makes Men Very Happy! A powerhouse Bod and a killer attitude for sexy fun and hard grinding sex makes Bella a universal Dream-Come-True. A new comer to underwater sex,.. and she loved it,.. and we love watching her - almost as much as Dallas loved, " Getting Pleasured"!! If ya meet her, ask her nicely, ya never know...


  10/16/11   Six Nipples  Starring: Taylor, Daisy Duxxx, Amber Lynn Bach      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Three sexy naked babes enjoying ocean scuba sex. Taylor, Daisy Duxxx and Amber Lynn Bach daisy-chain during ocean scuba sex underwater.  

What rare and elusive Sea Creaturre has six legs, six eyes, six hands and six nipples? You guessed it! It's an AmberDaisyTaylor ! And what a delight to watch this creature in the open ocean. You can now be witness it's multiple nipple tweaking tongues and bubble blowing pussy vibrating lips! Why aren't there more documentaries on this thing!!???

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  10/09/11   Leah's Last BJ  Starring: Leah Wilde      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Leah Wilde loves sucking dick during sex underwater. Gorgeous Leah Wilde hoovers and slarfs a stiff cock underwater.  

Leah Wilde's last Blow Job,.. at least for us, on camera that is. Leah was by to borrow some dive gear a while back. Her friend didn't believe that she was an underwater sex star and overall sex maniac. I gave a camera to her friend and told Leah to prove it! Evidence is in the scene! I forgot about it and stumbled across the tape last week - thought you might enjoy seeing it!


  09/25/11   Payback Times Two  Starring: Alli May, Tony Rubino, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sexy Alli May deepthroats and gets pounded by two stiff cocks during sex underwater. Upside down, Alli May is packed full of cock in both ends, loving her sex underwater talents.  

Payback can be Hell, or it can be awesome if ou're on the receiving end! Tony & Levi catch the bitch that got them in trouble with their girlfriends. They get a sex payback in the pool from, at first, an unwilling Alli May. Once things heat up, there's no stopping Alli in this outrageous 3-way underwater sex performance!!

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