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Underwater Sex

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  6/06/10   Jamie Blows  Starring: Jamie Applegate, Gino      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sex-hound Jamie Applegate swallows cock during sex underwater Underwater sex means Jamie Applegate sucking dick  

Energy, tons of fun to play with and quite a ball-buster, (in the "good way"), is the best manner to describe Jamie Applegate! On top of that, she's sexy and sexy-fit. You end up with a babe that you'll love to watch do anything; especially a sloppy "hoovering" on Gino's massive dick and swallow half his load underwater!


  5/30/10   Surface Screamer  Starring: Topanga Fox, Mystery Guy      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Topanga Fox gets choked during sex underwater Topanga Fox loves rockn hard sex underwater  

Cute, Adorable and sexy is how everyone describes Topanga Fox. They usually forget the Devilishly Erotic part about her, the fuck me hard and choke me part. She not only loves being underwater; she says that moaning underwater tickles her ears and makes it more fun! I'm sure the mystery guy is having fun, in fact I'm positive. Very sensual and erotic uw sex scene. Enjoy!

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  5/16/10   Patty Cake Patty Cake  Starring: Holly Halston, Dallas      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Awesome sex underwater with Holly Halston Holly Halston the sex-godess during underwater sex  

If Holly Halston wants to play Patty Cake, you better fucking play Patty Cake with her! Because sooner or later, usually sooner, she's gonna want you to "patty" her gorgeous massive titties and then munch on Her Juicy Cake! The wonderful thing about Holly, is that she always returns the favor; and she's so fucking hot when she does!!


  5/02/10   Blazing Bubbles  Starring: Bella Blaze, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Scuba sex underwater with knockout Bella Blaze Bella Blaze is smoking hot during underwater scuba sex  

There are awesome titties on this planet, and then there are Bella Blaze's massive big naturals! Succulent, firm and in perfect proportion with her statuesque figure. And she loves to fuck in the water! Levi has a ball during this "scuba training" sex scene as Bella moans and groans to orgasm. Plus she has that sexy quiet smile that seems to be saying, "fuck me all you want,.. just give me your load in the mouth!"

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  4/18/10   Playmates  Starring: Kenna Kane & Penny Brooks      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Kenna Kane and Penny Brooks have tasty underwater sex Hot lesbian action when Penny brooks and Kenna Kane have sex underwater  

You can never have too much "animal print" in your wardrobe. Or in the case of Kenna Kane and Penny Brooks, you can never strip out of too much "animal print" to get to juicy munchable pussies and tasty taut nipples to bite on! Two stunning, gorgeous gals caressing, tongue-ing, nibbling, kissing, fingering and munching: all underwater with gentle bubbles-a-flowing. Yummy! Sign me up!


  4/04/10   Clubbing  Starring: Colby McAdams, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sexy Colby McAdams rocks the cocks during sex underwater Colby McAdams n her back again fucking hard during underwater sex  

Hard to imagine, but Colby's date stiffed her after she got all dolled up for a night of clubbing! She stopped by with her hot dress and spike heels looking for some action. You know we only do one thing at AE, and that's play with babes in the water. Colby didn't mind getting her dress wet - as long as she got a good fuck, it was worth getting dressed up for! (we all want to fuck her, whether she gets dressed up or not!!!)

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  3/21/10   Rica Rica  Starring: Michelle Rica      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Voluptous Michelle Rica fuckes hard during underwater sex Michelle Rica titty fucking during sex underwater  

The voluptuous Michelle Rica volunteered to pose for a new camera test. During which, Dallas just happened to stop by, he offered to get his hair wet too. Well, what can I say - put two folks like that in the water together and, well,.. sex underwater happens! (sorry no uw audio, this started out as a picture test only)


  3/07/10   Audrey Lords BJ  Starring: Audrey Lords      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Smoking hot Audrey Lords gives head underwater Audrey Lords loves Sex Underwater  

Ivory skinned Audrey Lords unleashes her grace and sex appeal in her first UW BJ scene. She starts with a sexy strip from 8 inch black heels, stockings and halfway out of an incredible evening gown that makes her great ass and legs sizzle! Then, on to the cock,.. which she loves. Just as she was getting her water wings and really feeling comfortable - wham - she gets a mouth full of cum! Cool, but scene over. Not to worry, we'll get her back soon.

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  2/28/10   Princess  Starring: Colby McAdams, Dallas      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Colby McAdams enjoys sensual sex underwater Colby McAdams gets her pussy licked during underwater sex  

Luscious colors swirling around the body of an adorable young girl with big brown eyes and long dark hair is a delight. Especially underwater. Although Colby is not a real princess, she plays the part well. What she is, is an an amazing underwater lover with very substantial skills! Enjoy the show, we can tell that Dallas did!

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  2/14/10   Hose  Starring: Daisy Duxe, Taylor      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Daisy Duxe has hot lesbian sex underwater with Taylor Taylor and Daisy Duxe suck a hose and each other during underwater sex  

Hot chicks nibbling, chewing, licking, kissing and blowing bubbles on each other never seems to get old. Is it just me, or do you feel the same way? Whatever you think, Daisy Duxe and Taylor agree with me and they're not only really good at, but they love doing it so much,.. they paid me to do the scene! Sometimes, life is very good indeed.

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  1/31/10   Starfish  Starring: Max Mikita, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Max Mikita has Anal sex underwater Anal Sex Underwater - Max Mikita rocks it in Starfish  

A steamy hot anal scene with Max Makita and Levi. Last time Max was in town she looked awesome - sexy-hardbody as usual. I told her I'd let her shoot a scene if she'd do it without a wig on. She said "OK, as long as I get fucked in the ass". "Well", I said, "OK!" So here it is - AE's first Anal Underwater Sex Scene! UW Anal = fucking the Starfish!

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  1/17/10   Flip Fuck'n  Starring: Michelle Rica, Hunter      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Michelle Rica lovesunderwater scuba sex Underwater scuba sex with Michelle Rica  

What better way to test out Hunter's new uw HD Flip, than fucking the adventerous and ever-horny Latin bombshell Michelle Rica in the pool with a hooka rig? The Flip is fun, but Fuck'n Huge Natural Titties UW is way better! Fortunately, I was there with a camera to capture the awesome sex once Hunter's dick took control and he stopped filming. Hammering Michelle's luscious body, he preferred to "shoot" something else! Cool scene with fun POV clips. Hot Sex & pop shot!!!

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